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Rome has always attracted people from the most remote corners of the world, and among these waves of admirers, who constantly come to the Eternal City, I too found myself at the beginning of the new century, and it was love at first sight, a feeling that it has grown over time because the most beautiful city in the world is fascinating the more you look at it the more you love it.  #italy #enjoy


Rome is an open-air museum, with a layered, complex and fascinating history - worthy of the title Caput Mundi  which has left a priceless and inexhaustible heritage to all humanity. The Marble Princess of the World with its immense and unconscious beauty unites the whole world; so that a work of art at the same time is admired by the delighted eyes of a European, an Asian, an African, an American, an Australian ... and it is true, culture, art, beauty come together in one universal language: the desire to know - because that is why we travel, and I am aware of this feeling of sweet cohesion every day; when in a fraction of a second I embrace with my eyes all these expressions of wonder on different and colored faces like the mosaic of the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican Museums. #vatican #museum

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Just as all ancient roads led to Rome, in the same way today much of the world's tourist flow is channeled into the Eternal City where the most important civilizations of mankind find their historical echo, and to know all history and legend, museums and palaces , galleries and exhibitions, mysteries and traditions, of the Unmatched City, magical, beloved and privileged by the Gods, a whole life is not enough, that's why we invite you to discover some of them with us. #roma #ticket


The history and unique places of the Eternal City are of an impressive vastness, here the steps take you on the same stones worn for centuries on which the ancient Romans stepped, here the relentless dimension of time loses its rigor, but no matter how short your vacation goes first of all to the biggest attractions. #rome #vatican

The Vatican - the cradle of Christendom, circumscribes in a small territory of only 44 ha the largest church in the world - St. Peter's Basilica - built by Emperor Constantine the Great in 326 AD above the tomb of the first apostle of Jesus; The Vatican Museums - the most sensational and largest collections of art and antiquities in the world - with a 7 km tour that includes the famous Sistine Chapel, which covers over four thousand years of human history: from the famous Egyptian civilization, to the enigmatic Etruscan civilization, to the famous Greek one, to the well-known Roman civilization ... to the contemporary abstract art; collections through which you can learn about the history of the Eternal City and all of humanity. A magical place, full of legends, myths, mysteries and wisdom. #museum #church 

Ancient Rome with the fascinating Colosseum - the first and largest structure for shows - inaugurated in 80 AD. by Emperor Titus, is considered the ancestor of modern stadiums - a structure that still amazes in size, efficiency, capacity, utility; to climb the Palatine Hill where Romulus and Remus in 753 BC they founded the Eternal City, the Valley of the Roman Forum - the pulsating heart of the Empire where the echo of the ancient Roman civilization sounds with intensity, Trajan's Column, Pantheon, Piazza Bocca della Verita ... #colosseum #tour #booking

Baroque Rome with its fascinating squares: Navona, Spain, Popolo, Campidoglio, Montecitorio, Colonna, Quirinale, Barberini, Farnese, Campo di Fiori, Cavalieri di Malta ... beautiful artesian wells: Trevi, Quattro Fiumi, Neptune, Triton, Paola, Moise , Turtles, Naiads ... favorite places of eternal lovers. #rome #city #explore 

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